Where did you study?

I studied at the Guildhall School of Music and drama for five years where I did both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees.

Why the horn? Tell us what you love about the instrument… is there a particular player or recording that continues to inspire you? 

I’ve always loved the horn’s role in the orchestra; to play the nice tunes and add a special colour to the sound of any ensemble. I especially love Brahms and Strauss as I feel both composers have such an incredible understanding of the instrument which allows them to use the instrument to the extremes of its potential. I absolutely love the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and always have the Vienna horn sound in my mind when I play. The recordings they made Strauss in the early 90’s with Andre Previn is amongst some of the most exciting horn playing I’ve ever heard!

Alex Wide

Where have you been until now? Tell us about your career to date… 

I started to freelance in London when I was studying my undergraduate at the Guildhall and through my teachers there, I built a comfortable playing career (thanks guys if you’re reading this!). I worked regularly with the LSO, LPO, Opera House and the Philharmonia, normally as the bumper horn, for the first year or so after I graduated. It was such an amazing lesson on how to play principal horn as I was sat next to the best horn players in the country! In 2017 I joined the Britten Sinfonia as the Co-Principal horn which was when my career started to progress more. Being a Co-Principal member of an orchestra opened up lots of opportunities and I started being called up to play principal horn for lots of the chamber orchestras in London and for the symphony orchestras too. By the time the pandemic hit I almost exclusively worked as a freelance principal horn.

Why the BSO? Tell us about your first impressions…

It’s my local orchestra! Being from Southampton the BSO was always the closest orchestra to home; I even played in a masterclass as a 12/13 year old to the third horn Robert Harris, who is still in the orchestra today! It’s going to be brilliant having a job near to my family having not lived near them for more than 10 years now, and to be close to the sea of course. The orchestra is one of the friendliest places I have ever worked. From the first day of my trial, I felt welcome and supported by everyone I spoke to and I can’t wait to work in that atmosphere as a full member of the orchestra for many years to come!

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