Every member of our orchestra, whether on stage or behind the scenes, plays a vital role. Together, we all have a duty to make choices that reduce our environmental footprint, to protect our planet so it is fit for future generations to come.

As a touring orchestra we want to ensure our musical journey leaves only a gentle footprint on the Earth.

We aim to make environmentally conscious choices in every aspect of our work, and our collective effort is the key to reducing our environmental impact. From office practices to our on-tour decisions, rehearsals, and performances, we strive for harmony between our artistic pursuits and our environmental responsibilities.

Instruments of Change

We have formed a Green Team, comprising enthusiastic and dedicated staff members, to help drive our environmental efforts across every area of our business, ensuring that our actions align with our commitment to preserve the planet we all call home.

Our Green Goals

We’re taking steps to measure and reduce our carbon footprint. Our goals are to:

  • Minimise the impact of touring and travel by exploring greener transportation options, and eco-conscious travel choices when we’re on the road.
  • Treat energy and water for the precious resources they are, conserving water and energy consumption at our home office.
  • Minimise the digital footprint we leave behind, embracing energy-efficient practices in the sharing and storing of data that leaves a softer mark on the environment,
  • Collect meaningful data to track our environmental efforts and impact. It will be our guiding star to ensuring our journey is one of continuous improvement.
  • Use music to raise environmental awareness, connecting hearts and minds to the importance of protecting our planet, and how we can all play our part.