Working with the Executive Team it ensures good governance, reviews strategy and operational performance and sets operating plans and budgets. The Chief Executive reports to the Board on behalf of the management and Staff.

Trustees oversee the sound financial management of the charity’s resources and the proper discharge of public monies, ensuring sound financial control of the organisation’s financial affairs on behalf of all stakeholders and so ensuring the organisation complies with all regulatory and statutory requirements.

The BSO depends upon a high proportion of fundraised income to sustain its work. As a demonstration of Trustee support, it is hoped and expected that Trustees will support and contribute to the success of the Charity’s fundraising efforts.

Trustees give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.

The full Board of Trustees meets five times a year. The Board has three sub-committees covering Finance & Resources, Health & Safety and Nominations & Governance. There is also a Participation Advisory Group.