You first performed with Kirill Karabits and the BSO at the Royal Albert Hall and Classic FM Live – what was this like for you?

It was really very special for me, I remember the overwhelming sensation to be on that stage and to think about all the artists who have played there before. It was my debut in that hall and also with the BSO.

I can remember the Orchestra were delayed due to traffic because of a serious road accident on the way into London- it meant we had a very short rehearsal together. I have such great memories of that performance, it was an amazing experience, and during that concert they gave it absolutely everything.

When did you first take up the violin and why you chose this instrument?

When I was seven years old my mother took me to Music School. We met the Music Professor and he said maybe the best instrument for me would be the violin, so that is how I started. Until the age of fourteen I lived in Serbia in Belgrade and then at the age of fourteen I moved to Paris to continue my studies and to explore a different life to that of my own country.

How do you relax in terms of interests outside of music?

I sometimes meditate in the mornings and I have just started Yoga, I also like to play sport when I can. I enjoy spending time with people I love, to be with my family and friends and to talk about life. I think communication with people is so important especially because today we are so connected to Social Media. I think that humans need to actually be with other people to really exist and feel their true emotions.

Do you have any superstitions before a concert?

Yes, but I don’t want to tell about it because I don’t know what will happen if I do! No, I just like to play with a chewing gum. In my twenty years, I think that I have only performed the one concert without a chewing gum.

Outside of Classical Music, we believe you are quite a fan of Abba?

Not only Abba. I played a few songs which I really like because I think they are very unique, they have this kind of emotions and happiness when you listen to them and their music. We always speak about classical music because I play classical music but there are so many artists in different genres that did such wonderful things you know.

Actually I don’t like to separate music by genre because in each genre you have wonderful people who just pass the message.