Dreaming by the Fireside is a tender and poignant symphonic interlude from Strauss’ comic opera Intermezzo in which the heroine sits alone by her fireplace, daydreaming of a lover. Mahler’s early song cycle depicts an incredible sadness on his breakup with Johanna Richter. With texts very much of the German Romantic tradition – themes of unrequited love, departure, nature as a comforter – musically, they are unmistakably Mahler’s own. Unlike the First Symphony, which took Brahms over 20 years to complete, work on the Second went smoothly. It was finished in just four months and is often described as the cheerful alter ego to its solemn predecessor.

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The concert will be available to view on demand for 30https://bsolive.com/love-lost-and-found-premium-page/ days after the orginal performance until 7.30pm (GMT) on Friday 9 April 2021.
The concert livestream will be accessible behind a paywall as an embedded Vimeo video stream. It is best to watch through an up-to-date browser (we recommend Google Chrome on a PC and Safari on an Apple device). You can then connect to your TV or HIFI via a cable connection. An Amazon Firestick is also compatible using the Amazon Silk browser direct on a TV as well as most default browsers on SMART TVs.

Works and composers

R Strauss Träumerei am Kamin
Mahler Songs of a Wayfarer
Brahms Symphony No.2

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The Michael & Ilse Katz Foundation