It’s very important to us that we support schools, teachers and families at home in continuing valuable music-making! We have created resources for children and young people accessible on this page to ensure that music continues to be core for all during this time. Easy for teachers to base lessons around these resources for smaller class groups as well as families at home. The page is split into two sections: Keeping children occupied (aimed at 4-11 year olds) and Supporting children’s learning (aimed at 7-14 year olds).


Keeping children occupied (4-11 year olds)

  1. BSO Young Explorers Alphabet worksheet – work through these specially designed worksheets for helping with the alphabet
  2. BSO Young Explorers Instruments worksheet – work through these specially designed worksheets for learning about musical instruments
  3. BSO Young Explorers Numbers worksheet – work through these specially designed worksheets for learning about numbers
  4. Colour in the Instruments – This colouring book features a variety of instruments for children. They will also need to label the instrument. Through this fun and simple task they will become more familiar with orchestral instruments.
  5. Make your own instruments – This booklet explains how to create musical instruments with what you have at home. Households can even have a go at forming their own family orchestra!
  6. Night Time calming playlist – It’s evident that classical music can be very calming, so we have created a playlist of some of the most peaceful and calming pieces of classical music for your little ones at bedtime!
  7. Word Search – here is a word-search based around music that will keep children occupied for the time of a cuppa!
  8. Family Quiz – Quiz’s are very popular at the moment – so why not host a family quiz virtually and use this classical music quiz?! Perfect for the whole family.
  9. Take a look at some of these educational videos from our YouTube channel:
    Fairytale & Fantasy – learn the song with Chris Jarvis
    Listening Game with James Redwood


Supporting children’s learning (7-14 year olds)

      1. Cross-curriculum Resources – A set of cross-curriculum activities to support music education and general learning across all subject areas (subjects include Maths, English, Science, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, Physical Education and Art). Click the link which takes you to a new page with all these resources as downloadables.
      2. Creative Careers in the Arts booklets – this activity is directed at KS3 but can also be enjoyed by KS2. Take a journey through learning what it’s like to have a career in the arts from an administrative position. Learn about budgeting, marketing and repertoire and venue choices when planning your own musical event. Split into 3 booklets: Activity Booklet 1, Activity Booklet 2 and Activity Booklet 3.
      3. Get to know the orchestra: Read the document Getting to know the orchestra and Orchestra Layout Instructions. Then print and cut out Orchestra Layout – Labels and place on the Orchestra Layout – Blank to create your own orchestra.
      4. Sea, Voyages & Hope specific resources (if you are following our 3 week series have a look at these specific activities for the theme): Copland, Aaron – Musical Understanding, Clyne, Anna – Painting Exercise, Debussy, En Bateau – Orchestration, Percussion, Rimsky, Korsakov – Creative Writing and The Mayflower – Geography
      5. Take a look at some of these educational videos from our YouTube channel:
        BSO Meet the Timpani
        Video of BSO playing Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4
        Gabriela Montero piano improvisations
        Will Goodchild talking through Mambo from West Side Story
        Meet the Music Beethoven Symphony No. 1 to No. 5
        Meet the Music Debussy Images
        Meet the Music Holst The Planets
        Meet the Music Copland Rodeo
        Meet the Music Strauss Elektra


We would love to see you getting involved in any of these resources, so do email Jess Craig at or use us on social media @BSOrchestra and hash tag #BSOParticipate!