What inspired you to come to see Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play?

I happened upon the BSO while searching for upcoming events in the area to report on. After a lovely initial conversation with the Communications Manager I travelled to Lighthouse, Poole to see what it was all about that night. I had no prior knowledge of classical music or orchestral music of any kind but I have always been open to trying new things. I sat down with my notepad along with a colleague and waited for the concert to begin!

What have been your first impressions of BSO concerts? Is there anything you would say to someone thinking of attending a BSO concert who hasn’t before?

Within the first minute of the first piece it was immediately apparent just how brilliant the Orchestra was. There was a unique energy in the room and I found myself being transported into a new world. 

What have you enjoyed most about the concerts? Has anything surprised you?

In my youthful naivety, I felt a great sense of FOMO about never giving this type of music a chance! It’s very easy to brush aside music that can be unfairly branded as ‘old’ or ‘boring’ due to the fact that there is such a wide range of 21st century music that is so quick and easily accessible. But now I would say to anyone who is interested in real art and raw talent, go and watch the BSO and at least give the experience a go! You will be surprised how differently you perceive it afterwards.

Jack, Student Journalist

Where did your interest in classical music come from?  Do you play any instruments yourself?

Though I played piano as a child, I never truly mastered it. So I’d say to anyone reading this who is learning an instrument; don’t give up!  Witnessing the brilliance of the players at the BSO has made me realise what a precious skill it is, and I have actually picked up a keyboard again to try and get back into it after being inspired by Alexander Malofeev!

Do you think classical music can be helpful for well-being/mindfulness?

I do think classical music offers many other benefits beyond appreciation of the music. There are real moments of transportation when listening to a BSO concert that can take you beyond our stressful world and into one of meditation and mindfulness.  While this is true when listening to music through your headphones or at home, there’s nothing quite like seeing it in person!

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