One of the great advantages of living within the orbit of the BSO is to be able to benefit from the way the orchestra brings top-flight music to smaller venues all round the counties, in this case in collaboration with the Dorset Artsreach organisation.

This special Sunday afternoon concert was performed to a sold-out and enthusiastic audience in Marnhull, North Dorset, by Eluned Pearce (harp), Kate Keats (cello) and Owain Bailey (flute). The intimate, chamber-sized setting put the audience right inside the music and allowed us to hear the colour and timbre of each instrument. There was a unique combination of sounds, but they complemented each other in imaginative arrangements, chiefly by Jeff Moore.

The programme featured tuneful works by classical composers like Grieg, Bach, Bizet and Mozart, but also some less well-known names such as Ibert, Percy Grainger and, to conclude the formal sequence of pieces, a beautiful version of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now.

We are lucky that the furiously busy BSO players can make time to stage this kind of event. It is so valuable to hear top-notch music played in local venues. With their entertaining and informative introductions to each item, it is clear the players understand how these concerts enrich lives, not least of people unable to travel to larger centres to enjoy the full orchestra. Special thanks go to Eluned for her mini tutorial on the operation of her beautiful American harp.

The hall volunteers had worked hard to welcome everyone, with tea and cake in the interval. They contributed to what might be taken as one of the mantras of the BSO in all it does: “Everyone deserves the best”.

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