Tell us about your favourite orchestral work to play?

Ana– I honestly love playing music from all the different eras so it’s really hard to pick a favourite work. Nevertheless, I must say I always enjoy the major and massive symphonic works like Mahler’s symphonies or Richard Strauss’ tone poems. You’ll always see me happy to play any work which comprises beautiful tunes with a challenging viola part. However, even though I am a string player some of my absolute favourite moments in big symphonic works are the brass chorales – even though I don’t play I just love to seat in the orchestra and listen!

Ana Teresa Alves, No. 4 Viola

Ana Teresa Alves, No.4 Viola

Jake– The best time I’ve had in orchestra was playing Richard Strauss tone poems. I’ve done a few, but never the Alpine Symphony so that’s definitely on my bucket list. I also recently played Wagner Der Ring Ohne Worte which was another amazing experience. Mahler symphonies are also among my favourites. But it’s also fun to do the BSO pops concerts, like the recent Star Wars concerts for example. I’m also a big Pink Floyd fan so I’m looking forward to that concert in the summer!

So far, what do you love most about playing in the BSO?

Ana– Without a doubt the friendly atmosphere in the whole orchestra. I felt very welcomed from the moment I’ve joined and feel really blessed to go to work and make music with my colleagues everyday. It’s amazing to hear how everything comes together and it’s a pleasure to continuously learn so much from everyone.

Jake– I would have to say my colleagues, in particular my section. I’ve been freelancing for the last 10 years or so and it’s often difficult to feel like you’re part of the section, so I really appreciate the warmth and welcoming attitude of everyone at the BSO. I also enjoy the tradition of prosecco after work if it’s someone’s birthday…

Jake Philips No.3 Second Violin

Jake Philips, No.3 Second Violin

What are you doing when you’re not on stage? 

Ana– When I’m not on stage my favourite thing to do is to go for long walks along the beach when the weather is sunny – stopping every time I see a cute dog to pet it! I also love to bake and paint (something that both of my parents enjoy, too) and to call my family and friends that are in Portugal. When it’s possible, I always go and visit them and make sure I eat all the food I’ve missed while I was away!

Jake– My wife and I have just had a baby so at the moment it’s changing nappies, playing with toys and sleeping when we can!

Join Ana and Jake for more concerts over the next few months, see what we’ve got coming up here