The project, which is presented in partnership with the University of Exeter, and supported by generous individuals, will also feature a newly commissioned work by James Redwood, entitled Explore the Orchestra.

Each week, from Saturday 24 April, a work showcasing the orchestral family is introduced and performed under the baton of Frank Zielhorst: Brass (Britten’s Sea Interludes: Sunday Morning — Sat 24 April); Wind (Carwithen’s Suffolk Morris — Sat 1 May); Strings (Coleridge-Taylor’s Willow Song — Sat 8 May); and Percussion (Copland’s Appalachian Spring Mvt 7 — Sat 15 May).

The exploration of these pieces serves to inspire Redwood’s newly commissioned work which involves various body percussion patterns that the audience will be able to learn and take part in. The series culminates on 22 May with the Finale of the new piece, bringing together elements of all four works performed and presenting various interactive opportunities for the audience.

Composer James Redwood said, “There are plenty of ways to get inside the BSO’s music-making, from learning body percussion to meeting each instrument, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I also can’t wait to unveil my new work ‘Explore the Orchestra’, which has been specially written for the series.”

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