As the most significant arts charity and brand in the South and South West, there is no organisation better placed to connect you with your audience.

With our extensive geographic reach, impressive credentials, artistic calibre, and award-winning community programme, the BSO is able to offer a broad range of platforms in direct support of your business.

We understand that every business is unique; we will listen and build a programme of engagement that is tailored to your business objectives. We aim for every partnership to be mutually beneficial because as a registered arts charity, one of our business objectives is to raise money to ensure that people – whatever challenges they face in life – have access and opportunity to experience great music. Together, we can deliver a successful targeted campaign for you that also enables us to do what we do best.

Heather Duncan, is deep in conversation with Lord Shaftesbury and three guests in a dining room lit by candlelight.

A partnership with the BSO offers you the following opportunities:

Unique experiences: Dinner with artists, receptions with musicians, post-concert on-stage drinks, closed rehearsals, backstage tours, outdoor festivals

Bespoke events: From small intimate drinks receptions and dinners to large-scale client and staff hospitality

Communications: Varied marketing platforms target our diverse audiences

Networking: Meet and connect with our audience and our civic, corporate and individual supporters

Awareness: Raise your profile amongst our audiences via association with the Orchestra

Learning and development: Interesting engagement for staff at concerts, outdoor events, in music-making sessions and at open rehearsals

Community programme: Connect with one of our award-winning outreach projects around which to publicise your core company values

Good will: Our supporters and your clients are receptive knowing you support their Orchestra

Mazars are proud to be supporting our world-class orchestra providing a unique world-class experience.
Lesley Fox, Partner, Mazars