Chief Conductor Kirill Karabits has always shared a special connection with the works of Prokofiev. His admiration for Prokofiev’s diverse symphonic style led him to initiate the recording project, as well as the need to address the development of the composer’s symphonic style from his less-known early works, written as a budding composer whilst he was still living with his family in Sontsovka (today’s Donbass region of Ukraine).

The final CD contains the composer’s earliest attempt at a symphony, written in 1902 at the age of just 11. The surviving movement receives its world première recording on this disc. The revised and enlarged version of the 4th symphony from 1947 is coupled with the daunting and emotionally charged 6th, which to some represents the greatest of the seven symphonies. ‘Each of us suffers from wounds that cannot be healed’ said the composer of this work to his biographer.


"This first-rate recording of Prokofiev’s most famous and least performed symphonies is a testament to Kirill Karabits' understanding of the composer"
The Telegraph