Entering residential care can bring many changes to people’s lives, with access to live cultural experiences becoming more difficult to access. We strive to connect care home residents with our professional musicians through live visits to living rooms and gardens, and support with curated digital content.

Through rekindling musical memories and encouraging active participation, sessions provide a hugely welcome boost to the wellbeing of residents, family members and staff alike, coupled with the joy of seeing and hearing live music performed up close.

If you would like to find out more about the experiences we can offer to your care or residential home, you can download our Music, Health & Wellbeing booklet here, or contact Participate Programme Manager Jamie Harris to find out more.

Our current programme in the BCP area is supported by long-standing sponsor Tapper Funeral Service, and with the new support of Rawlins Davy Solicitors & Mediators.

Since 2012, Tapper Funeral Service has been very proud to support Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s programme that takes live musical performance into residential and care homes in the local area. We recognised immediately the positive health benefits given by the provision of high calibre music – performed by BSO musicians – to those living in care settings. We pride ourselves on the high standard of our care to those who are grieving and living with loss, and we are delighted to continue our support of this impactful programme. As we enter into our 10th year of support, we celebrate all that we have achieved together, and the lives that have been – and continue to be – blessed by the music of the BSO.” ~ Tapper Funeral Service

“We are absolutely delighted to be supporting the BSO in taking music to care home residents once again. The Orchestra’s outreach initiatives are such an important part of what the BSO does and we are in awe of the difference it makes to people’s lives, both residents and staff — it is such a tangible example of the amazing power of music. Rawlins Davy was established in 1832 and it seems singularly appropriate that we should be supporting such a wonderful institution as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in what it does, not least in times that continue to be really challenging. I think we would probably all agree that community work, especially in the care sector, is more important than ever after everything that has happened in the past two years.” ~ Mark Kiteley, Director of Rawlins Davy


A gentleman who finds it hard to communicate, but during the entertainment I noticed he was smiling and tapping his hands - it's wonderful.
Activity Coordinator, The Laurels & Pine Lodge Home

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