BSO Resound made history as the world’s first disabled-led ensemble at the core of a major symphony orchestra when it launched in 2018. Tell us a little about the current repertoire available to the group…  

BSO Resound is a group of six musicians, and features flute, clarinet, violin, cello, Linnstrument and tuned percussion. The group plays a varied and eclectic mix of established repertoire, which is made available through bespoke arrangements, and there is commissioned new music written especially for the ensemble.

We’re excited to have presented the event, which offered a look under the lid at the award-winning group, in collaboration with the Festival of Contemporary Music for All. What kind of things did you explore on the day?

We explored a variety of repertoire, including three works by living composers — one of which, Michael Nyman’s In C Interlude, is one of CoMA’s open scores and it had been specially arranged for BSO Resound to play. We also highlighted some of the group’s unique working methods, exploring the ways in which they prepare and rehearse, as well as exploring the Linnstrument a little more [ed. read more about Linnstrument player Charlotte Bott, here].

As an established conductor and composer, tell us a little about this chapter of music-making…

It is great that orchestras and other professional music organisations in the UK are embracing a more inclusive approach to music-making, musicians and audiences. BSO Resound is at the forefront of this and are incredibly important to BSO, its audiences and the wider music community in showing that high-quality professional music-making can be inclusive. This is vital to the future of music in the UK.

As audiences and musicians return to the concert hall do you have any final messages for people re-discovering live music this year?

What stands out as being really special in performing live again is the emotional connection we are able to make with everyone in the room – audiences and fellow musicians alike. If you have not yet experienced that really special connection, come and hear a concert soon!

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