While we are used to thinking about purposefully created music as a sound world, it can be easy to forget that we are constantly surrounded by a world of sound that we can tune in to.

Musician Emma Welton runs the Exeter based Aubergine Family Orchestra with BSO Associate Musician Hugh Nankivell; she has created several walks around the area of Exeter aiming to tune in to these sound worlds. Emma describes the walks as musical compositions; ‘the choices I make shape a particular listening experience for somebody else.’


The walks are drawn out with stopping points marked and numbered, along with suggestions of things to listen for. Some examples are: the peeps of great-crested grebe chicks, the flags on top of some rugby posts creaking in the wind; finding the perfect balance between the sound of traffic and the river Exe at the Blackaller Weir.

Sound walking is a mindful way to renew our connection to the environment surrounding us, by taking the time to really listen.

You can find Emma’s website (including downloadable walks) here

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Maybe there is a walk local to you that encompasses interesting sounds? Could you make a soundwalk?


Emma’s tips for Sound Walks

Go alone or with a quiet friend

Close your eyes

Pause for a while to hear what is there

Allow sounds to find you