We love hearing what you think about our concerts, so we were thrilled when students from Hampshire Music Service Forum came along to our John Williams concert in Portsmouth on 17 February and sent us their reviews. Below are a few snippets from them…have a read!

“Once Pete Harrison, the conductor of BSO was on stage, with no introduction, the Orchestra powered out the well-known chord of the main theme from Star Wars.

The almost full crowd were ecstatic, with everyone turning to their friends in excitement at such a recognisable piece, no matter what age they were.”



“The excellent solos throughout showed inspiring talent and skill across every section of the Orchestra. One that really stood out to me, as someone learning to play the French Horn, was the fabulous solo at the beginning of the theme to ‘Jurassic Park’.

The phrasing and tone from a musical point of view was outstanding and gave me goosebumps when I heard the first notes to this formidable piece.”



“…it was Schindler’s List that stuck with me for many days after the event. BSO’s first violinist, Amyn Merchant, exceeded all my expectations, making the music his own as he delivered such conviction in his performance.

A spine-chilling performance that ended in a silent audience. I have never heard it played better.”



The same concert came to Lighthouse, Poole on 12 March and received this review from Bournemouth Echo:

“It is a treat to hear Williams’ music performed live and to see how his melodies engage every part of the orchestra. This was a fitting tribute to the maestro’s extraordinary power and range, a few weeks after he turned 90 with plenty of composing work still planned.”

If you’d like to come along to another of our popular concerts, you can enjoy The Music of Elton John: 50 Years of Song at Lighthouse Poole on 26 March. Read more about what you can expect on the night in our blog here.

We also have an Explore the Orchestra concert available on 18 May for KS2 students looking to develop their musical knowledge and explore some magical film music!