The performance had originally been planned to take place outside on the Pier alongside a soundtrack of the waves of Bournemouth beach, but the weather would not allow us to do so.

We continued nonetheless, taking to Key West, a nearby bar with stunning panoramic views from the Purbecks right around to Hengistbury head.

When Gabriela requested an idea for improvisation, an audience member wittily replied “Summertime, seeing as the weather will not permit it!” and away we go with a six-minute improvisation on Gershwin’s well-known tune. See if you can also spot the reference to another of Gershwin’s popular piano pieces towards the end…

If you don’t have tickets to Gabriela’s performance of her own Latin Concerto,  there’s still time to get your tickets!

Lighthouse Poole on Wednesday 16 October

Portsmouth Guildhall on Thursday 17 October