Audiences in Poole and Portsmouth will experience the world premiere of a newly discovered work, which has remained hidden in a Paris library since it was written 100 years ago.

As part of the BSO’s ongoing Voices from the East series, which is spearheaded by Kirill Karabits and is known for championing lesser-known symphonic works from countries of the former Soviet Union, we’ll perform world premieres by Ukrainian composers Feodor Akimenko and Anna Korsun during the 2022/23 season, alongside highlighting several works by Reinhold Glière.

Akimenko’s Cello Concerto was written 100 years ago, and opens the season [5 Oct — Poole; 6 Oct – Portsmouth] in a programme that also features Mahler’s epic Fifth Symphony.

Akimenko (1876-1945) was a student of Rimsky-Korsakov and the first composition teacher of Stravinsky, though his own works are largely undiscovered. He’s been described as a late-Romantic voice reminiscent of Scriabin, and we performed his Angel: Poem Nocturne as part of our inaugural livestreamed series in 2020.

Kirill Karabits, said: “Originally due to have received its world premiere this year in Kharkiv, Ukraine (the birthplace of the composer), Akimenko’s Cello Concerto was written 100 years ago and had remained unknown. Unfortunately, because of the current situation in the Ukraine, the performance will have to be postponed, so audiences in Poole and Portsmouth will have the opportunity to hear the piece for the very first time. Having discovered the score in Paris, I’m excited to share this extraordinary work alongside cellist Victor Julien-Laferrière this autumn”

Hear Kirill discuss his passion for the music of Feodor Akimenko ahead of preview of the Cello Concerto (performed by Jesper Svedberg and Samantha Carrasco):

Don’t miss the world premiere of Akimenko’s Cello Concerto, with Victor Julien-Laferrière, Kirill Karabits and the BSO. Tickets still available for Poole (Wed 5 Oct) and Portsmouth (Thurs 6 Oct). The performance will also be livestreamed.

Learn more about Feodor Akimenko here.

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