Walton’s First Symphony was a landmark of English composition and represents the peak of his symphonic thinking. Its turbulent emotions and high-voltage energy were the fruit of tempestuous events surrounding Walton at the time. After an eloquent, dramatic first movement, a stinging, malicious Scherzo and a truly melancholic slow movement, the finale is totally different in outlook – an almost Elgarian ceremonial jubilation, as if a cloud has lifted. The Concerto for the Left Hand displays a great deal of resourcefulness and originality on Ravel’s part. Unfolding in a single movement in three sections, dark and powerful, it is so full of illusion and texture that the solo part rarely gives the slightest hint that a mere single hand is involved. The exquisite orchestral scoring leans toward the rich, lower pitches which lends it a rather sombre hue and an apt heroic grandeur. In the overture to his only comic opera, Wagner skilfully combines the main themes associated with the mastersingers and their apprentices.

Please note this concert is being livestreamed and some shots will include wide angle views of the audience.


Works and composers

Wagner The Mastersingers of Nuremburg Overture
Ravel Piano Concerto for the Left Hand
Walton Symphony No.1

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