Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Kirill Karabits presents a full day of Voices from the East at the Southbank Centre, London, with three concerts at the Royal Festival Hall interspersed with talks and free performances across public spaces in the venue.  Journeying along an orchestral version of the Silk Road, this series reveals the magical flavours of music from across Kirill’s native land and its neighbouring countries.

The first concert of the day focuses on music from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, with works by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, Chary Nurymov and Kara Karayev. The second takes the audience to a soundworld from Georgia and Armenia, with Giya Kancheli’s Styx and Avet Terterian’s Symphony No. 3. The final concert of the day celebrates music from Ukraine, with works by Thomas de Hartmann and Boris Lyatoshynsky alongside BSO Composer-in-Residence Anna Korsun’s Terricone, which received its world premiere by Karabits and the BSO in January 2023.

Timetable of the day’s events:
1pm  Voices from the East: Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
4pm  Voices from the East: Georgia and Armenia
7.30pm  Voices from the East: Ukraine

Read our blog about the day to find out more!

Works and composers

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh Nagilar (Fairy Tales)
Nurymov Symphony No.2
Karayev The Seven Beauties Suite
Kancheli Styx
Terterian Symphony No.3
de Hartmann Suite from The Red Flower Suite
Korsun Terricone
Lyatoshinsky Symphony No.4