The Fourth Symphony is at once a summation of Brahms’ learning and technique, and a work of art that for all its complexities cuts as close to the heart as music can.  His craftsmanship is evident in its thematic economy, elegant harmonic designs and command over musical structure.  Of all Brahms’ works, it displays his essence most completely – a cosmos of textures, tempos and moods, culminating in music of unsurpassed grandeur. Britten’s Violin Concerto was written as the Second World War broke out and there are dark portents in the opening timpani notes.  Dark, yet dazzling, with haunting melodies. multiple crescendo finales and superbly energised virtuoso passages, it remains one of the most challenging works for violinists. Lohengrin was Wagner’s first internationally recognised masterpiece. The Act I Prelude is a musical depiction of the Holy Grail as it descends to the Earth in the care of an Angelic host.

Please note this concert is being livestreamed and some shots will include wide angle views of the audience.

Works and composers

Wagner Lohengrin Prelude
Britten Violin Concerto
Brahms Symphony No.4

In memory of

Bill Ellaby