In this most lyrical, poetic and fantastical of his concertos, Beethoven does not abandon Mozartian concerto form but imbues it with a genuinely romantic voice. In a thrilling dialogue between soloist and orchestra, it is ardent and melancholy, heroic and ethereal, anguished and whimsical. Schumann’s Second Symphony was a personal triumph and marked the start of the final phase of his career. It is a reflection not only of his recent health issues but also the feeling of triumph at overcoming the despair that had gripped him for a year. It transports the listener towards redemption in a way that looks back to Beethoven but also predicts the future greats, like Mahler, who were to come. A magnificent energy pervades Brahms’ overture. Opening with two emphatic chordal exclamations its defiant strength is heightened by the return of a poignant little march idea, defining the ‘Tragic’ even more potently than all the muscular thrust before and after it.

Please note this concert is being livestreamed and some shots will include wide angle views of the audience.

Works and composers

Brahms Tragic Overture
Beethoven Piano Concerto No.4
Schumann Symphony No.2

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