Delicate and poised Jonathan Dove’s Sunshine uses small forces to dazzling effect. Apart from Mozart’s usual formal perfection and melodic genius, this concerto is especially noteworthy for its colourful woodwind writing, which employs clarinets in place of the usual oboes. Schubert’s Ninth Symphony is a joyous, sunlit work. The noble opening horn statement and the ensuing extensive introduction indicate its expansive scale, whilst an astonishing, unflagging rhythmic vitality informs the whole symphony. The nickname was originally coined to distinguish this work from the Sixth ‘Little C major’ Symphony, but such is its Olympian scale and sublimity of the Ninth that the title is apt as an absolute description.

Works and composers

Dove Sunshine
Mozart Piano Concerto No.22
Schubert Symphony No.9 'The Great'

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