In his Violin Concerto, Korngold reworked themes from several of his film scores. Lush and romantic; the music certainly brings to mind the swashbuckling films of the period. With its full-throated lyricism and unbridled virtuosity the main theme develops in freely rhapsodic fashion, embellished with pyrotechnic passagework that ascends into the stratosphere. Remaining incredibly fresh and abounding with memorable melodies, the Ninth Symphony describes Dvořák’s spiritual and emotional journey from his intense longing for his beloved Bohemia to the thrill of the “New World” and its varied peoples. Kara Karayev forged his own distinctive use of native Azerbaijani folk music. The ballet The Seven Beauties brims with an exotic array of appealing rhythms and melodies.

Works and composers

Karayev The Seven Beauties Suite
Korngold Violin Concerto
Dvořák Symphony No.9 "From the New World"