Má Vlast is considered a paragon of Czech nationalism – celebrating its culture and history, the countryside, and its people. Though usually performed as independent pieces, only as a six-work cycle is Smetana’s grand conception fully realised. Vyšehrad depicts a high castle overlooking Prague, the famous Vltava traces the journey of Czechia’s longest river from source to sea passing festivities along the way, whilst Šárka tells a bloody tale of revenge and slaughter. From the meadows and woods of Bohemia is a colourful landscape painting that illustrates the beauties of Bohemia; the poetry of its woods and its fruitful fields. Tábor and Blaník both celebrate a past, glorious era; Tábor is the capital of the Hussite empire in the early 1400s and Blaník is the mountain where legend said that the great army of St. Wenceslas slept, ready to wake during time of need.

Please note this concert is being livestreamed and some shots will include wide angle views of the audience.

Works and composers

Smetana Má Vlast (complete)