Stravinsky’s arrangement of Chopin’s piano piece was his first commission for Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes. It reveals his talent for orchestration that was to shine in the collaborations to come. Chary Nurymov was a master in using complex musical form to nevertheless evoke the spirit of his homeland. His highly charged single-movement, mini symphony could almost be a film score to some epic battle. It opens with a mystical uncertainty, building with foreboding intensity, before fading back into a peaceful slumber. Rachmaninov created a remarkable sound-world in his Second Symphony. Sombre harmonies complement the rich orchestration like deeply burnished mahogany. Full of themes which slowly emerge, reappear and reach intense climaxes, it is a truly luscious piece, shown best in the glorious adagio – just sit back and enjoy Rachmaninov at his best!

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Works and composers

Chopin/Stravinsky Grande valse brillante
Nurymov Symphony No.2
Rachmaninov Symphony No.2

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