Rather than a suite, Dances of Galànta is more of a tone poem which reflects the music of Kodály’s boyhood in Slovakia, based around a number of Hungarian tunes known as verbunkos which slowly build to a frenetic conclusion. Bruch’s concerto was his first major work, yet it is one of his best – a rich, wonderfully lyrical expanse of lush and seductive melodies tailor-made for the violin, and explosive technical fireworks in equal measure. After a shaky start, the Fifth Symphony soon became recognised for the masterpiece it undoubtedly is. Tchaikovsky wrote that its subject was ‘Providence’. More specifically it is a journey from darkness and despair into light and triumph.

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Works and composers

Kodály Dances of Galánta
Bruch Violin Concerto No.1
Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5

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