The BSO presents an evening of exotic classics from across Eastern Europe. From Borodin’s evocation of an army preparing for war through to Khachaturian’s balletic portrayal of one of history’s greatest warriors, this concert’s repertoire crackles with orchestral passion.

Borodin’s Prince Igor Overture is the prelude to an opera based on a medieval Russian epic which follows Prince Igor’s war with the Polovtsians. Undoubtedly an operatic classic, this opening salvo paints a majestic background for the performance to come. Moving westward, the BSO follows this with a pair of notable classics from legendary composers. Joined by master pianist Andrew Tyson, the Orchestra will perform Mozart’s First Piano Concerto, a testament to the composer’s prodigal brilliance and mastery of the instrument.

This is followed by Schubert’s ‘Unfinished’ Symphony, a challenging and mysterious work by one of history’s finest composers attempting to break the traditional forms he had spent his life working in. The concert concludes with a selection of the best-loved excerpts from three ballets by Aram Khachaturian, a trio of delights presenting the perfect conclusion to this deeply emotive performance.

Works and composers

Borodin Prince Igor Overture
Mozart Piano Concert No.26
Schubert Symphony No.8 'Unfinished'
Khachaturian Waltz from Masquerade
Khachaturian Adagio from Spartacus
Khachaturian Lezginka from Gayane