Borodin spent eight years composing his Second Symphony. It is seen by many as a distillation of the spirit of Prince Igor, with its bardic minstrelsy and depictions of the wide-open skies of the Russian Steppe, displaying exceptional melodic charm (often with an exotic flavour) and sensuous, poetic beauty. The concerto for Harp and Orchestra is typical of Glière’s mature style, popular for its immediacy and lyrical beauty. Whilst almost Mozartian in its form and flow, it includes plentiful displays of eastern colour, sometimes dreamy, at other times brooding or carefree and cheerful. Mozart’s sparkling symphony represents the high point in his early symphonic writing, retaining a youthful vigor and grace and with a wonderfully transparent texture, full of light-hearted charm and elegance.

Works and composers

Mozart Symphony No.29
Glière Harp Concerto
Borodin Symphony No.2

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