The sumptuously scored Lachian Dances recall a past that had vanished and a countryside and way of life with which Janáček had been familiar in his earlier life. The A Major Piano Concerto was one of three that Mozart wrote in late 1782 for that winter’s concert season in Vienna. Elegant, flowing, charming and serene, Mozart wrote of it as “brilliant, pleasing to the ear, and natural without being vapid”. Dvořák’s Symphony No.7 remains unsurpassed among his works for profundity of conception and consummate craftsmanship. Marked by an ominous opening that hints at tragedy and dark skies, it presents an atmosphere of stately richness which weaves its way through uncertainty and agitation to a final triumphant conclusion.

Works and composers

Janáček Lachian Dances
Mozart Piano Concerto No.12 K.414
Dvořák Symphony No.7