Mozart composed his delightful Divertimento in D Major, along with its two companions, during down-time in Salzburg in the winter of 1772. It is a fine example of his ambitious work in a genre traditionally designated as “light” music. His Fourth Horn Concerto is a winsome gallop through the Austrian countryside. It’s most famous for its rollicking third movement, a popular party piece for French horn players, but such vivid and varied ground is covered here that you’ll feel like you’ve been on a bracing hike. The designation ‘Nullte’ or No.0, for Bruckner’s early D minor Symphony has perhaps brought it a certain ridicule; the odd name comes from an inscription by the composer on the title page. It is an extremely attractive symphony – lighter and more accessible than the more frequently heard First and Second.

Works and composers

Mozart Divertimento in D
Mozart Horn Concerto No.4
Bruckner Symphony No.0 ‘Nullte’