Rusty & Not So Rusty Musicians aims to encourage up and coming talent, open up opportunities for those who used to play an instrument, and offer a unique coaching and performance experience.

Dorset Rusties is our biggest event of the year, with over 150 musicians plus the full Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra taking to the stage at the Lighthouse, Poole. The rehearsals for this event take place between April and July. However, we regularly organise ‘Symphony in a Day’ and section-specific (such as Wind & Brass) coaching days between September and March around the region for all musicians to enjoy.

Rusty Musicians benefit from specialist coaching during rehearsals, professional instruction from a BSO conductor and the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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Many years ago, playing the violin in a professional orchestra was my profession. Once you have changed profession and you’ve left it alone, you long for the good days to play with quality players, decent repertoire and of a standard which is really enjoyable for the listener and yourself. I find that being here, it reminds me of all the things I’ve forgotten of recent years and it brings me back to life again

Raymond Prescott Violin

It’s helped me develop a whole new way of playing my instrument and it’s given me the confidence to start playing in local bands and orchestras.