James has been training as a conductor for the last four years. His first public performance was in 2015 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park co-ordinating a 12-piece ensemble. Since January 2016 James has attended MA Conducting Programme sessions at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) and weekly tuition on music theory/composition. His successful application to Arts Council England’s G4A saw him successfully conduct a String Quartet at the RAM with established conductors John Lubbock and Sian Edwards in May 2016.

“The BSO are the only mainstream orchestra in the U.K. who are setting up a disabled-led ensemble. This will mean exploring new ways of doing this; adapting customs, working with players who potentially play instruments which are new to the mainstream, and developing wider audiences for the BSO. This is my first leadership role to which will no doubt question how I do things in responding to new challenges.” – James Rose