There is a classroom resource for each of the pieces in the concert and these resources provide teachers with many different ideas of how to explore Space & Exploration repertoire with their students, including information about the pieces and activities based around history, geography and space! The most important resources are the scores for James Redwood’s song One Small Step and Jupiter Song, as these are the pieces that schools will need to learn before the concert so they can join in with the Orchestra either in the concert hall or via the live-stream.

James Redwood has also created the tutorial videos which you can find over on our project page to help with the learning process.

One Small Step

Jupiter Song

Classroom Activities

General Resources

Listening Exercises

Use the playlist below to explore these pieces of music

  1. Mel Bonis – Prelude – a reflective dance for orchestra: perhaps you can imagine the music accompanying the planets as they orbit the sun?
  2. Sally Beamish – Reckless – this was written as a concert-opener for the Southbank Sinfonia, an orchestra for young professional musicians and is a fizzy piece which lets all the different sections of the orchestra show-off what they can do when they’re at the top of their game.
  3. Anna Meredith – Miranda – a track that Anna made using sounds taken from recordings made in space. Listen to the way the different musical ideas lock in with each other as the music drives ever forwards.
  4. Deirdre Gribbin – Venus Blazing: Isthar – the second bit of a piece for solo violin and orchestra exploring the planet and mythology of Venus. It’s beautiful and mesmerising and quite long, so let your imaginations wander.
  5. Hannah Peel – Sunrise Through the Dusty Nebula – a track from an album she made with a live brass band and he playing synths and singing. The chords build slowly but surely to a beautiful resolution at the climax of the piece. Definitely worth listening to with the volume up and possibly with your eyes closed too!