Hello everyone. Here are all the Explore the Orchestra learning resources files that you need for James Redwood’s fantastic participatory song Can’t Get To Sleep.

Music Parts, Lyrics and Audio Tracks

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Tutorial Videos

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Makaton signing and Body Percussion teaching video (with full song run at the end)


Full run of song with Makaton signing and Body Percussion


Instrumental (recorder and ukulele) teaching video (with full song run at the end)


Full run of song with recorder and ukulele accompaniment

Further Learning Resources

What is Makaton?


Exploring the Orchestra

General Orchestra Resource
Getting to know the Orchestra
Orchestra Layout – Labels
Orchestra Layout – Blank
Orchestra Layout Instructions


Exploring the instruments

Brass Playing Techniques
Further Brass Listening
Name the Brass instruments

Further Strings Listening
Name the String Instruments
String Playing Techniques

Further Woodwind Listening
Name the Woodwind Instruments
Woodwind Playing Techniques

Further Percussion Listening
Name the Percussion Instrument
Percussion Playing Techniques and Terms


Further Learning

Notes on the Programme
Breathing Activity
Composer Information
Counting with Notes
Describing the Landscape
Morning Mood
Nightmares booklet
Solar System worksheet
Starburst presentation
The United States of America map
Film Music worksheet
Pictures at an Exhibition