A fusion of German and French idioms can be heard in Enescu’s First Symphony of 1905. With a chromatic harmonic style and elaborate late-Romantic orchestration it has a feel of Straussian opulence. A trademark call from the horns can be heard throughout the entire symphony, but some of the most imaginative writing comes in the central slow movement with its brooding and mysterious opening and the more ardent melodic ideas that follow.

In the same year, shortly after the premiere of La Mer, Debussy composed a set of three evocative solo piano pieces called Images. He soon started work on a second set, this time for two pianos, in which he would pay tribute to the music of England, Spain and France, but in the end it took him eight years to complete the music, and the finished version was for full orchestra. So spread out was the composition that the three parts were premiered separately, and even today they are rarely played together, as Debussy intended them to be heard.

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