One of the world’s most famous vocal groups, The King’s Singers make their St. Giles debut in a programme which celebrates how singing together binds us together. From the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the 1500s to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, there have been countless moments in history when songs have united nations, cultures and causes. This is still the case in today’s world. Finding Harmony is evidence that music has always been our common language. From the music of Bach to the Highlands of Scotland, to South Africa, and the Americas the programme will present a unique collection of pieces that span the globe. The concert includes the famous spirituals, Steal away and Swing low, sweet chariot, which have a remarkable and special link to the Shaftesbury family. The concert is sure to prove how deeply we can be moved by all kinds of stories when songs connect us to them, to each other, and to the places we come from.

Works and composers

Harry Dixon Loes, arr. Stacey V. Gibbs This Little Light of Mine
Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach Ein feste Burg
William Byrd Civitas sancti tui